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Manik Medical is one of the nation’s largest direct importers of general products, selling wholesale variety goods.

Over the last five years we have become the premiere wholesale distributor of fast-selling, unique items at discount prices. We are, and have always been, committed to being your profit source. We can import large quantities of bulk products directly from manufacturers overseas and to your port of destination.

It is our mission to have the items our customers want, when they want them, at the most competitive prices. We know that being your profit source is the key to our own success.

Providing producer's goods

in an appropriate quantity for resale by buyers and providing wider geographical access and diversity in obtaining goods.

Ensuring and maintaining

a quality dimension with the goods that are being obtained and resold.

Providing cost-effectiveness

by reducing the number of producer contacts needed and providing ready access to a supply of goods.

Assembling and arranging

goods of a compatible nature from a number of producers for resale minimizing buyer transportation.

Costs by buying goods

in larger quantities and distributing them in smaller amounts for resale.

Working with producers

to understand and appreciate consumerism in their production process.

Global presence: We ship to over 100 countries worldwide.

As one of the nation’s largest wholesalers of masks, wholesale them across Europe and export internationally. Our multilingual sales team is available to make working with Manik Medical easy. We offer competitive shipping rates and have an experienced shipping department available to help our customers make exporting orders of any size easy and cost effective.

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